New Shelter Plan

Johan Rosenmunthe
Wendy Plovmand

Former advisory board (at Malttorvet):
Helene Nyborg Bay
Jacob Borges
Johan Rosenmunthe
Maria Bordorff
Martin Rosengaard
Stine Tobiasen
Therese Maria Gram
Tomas Lagermand Lundme
Wendy Plovmand
Erik Duckert
Kerstin Bergendal
Sara Glahn
Tommy Petersen
Cecilie Høgsbro
Anders Gaardboe Jensen
Morten Jacobsen

Supported by:
Frederiksberg Fonden
Frederiksberg Kommune
Det Obelske Familiefond
Grosserer L. F. Foghts Fond
The Danish Arts Foundation
Københavns Kommune

Leah Beeferman

KIOSK is a satellite space located in a former kiosk at the Frederiksberg hospital grounds. The kiosk building still has the furniture and outside appearance of its past life, but contemporary artists will install site-specific new works in the atmosphere-filled space – both inside and outside. KIOSK will host one exhibition every other month, opening in January 2023.

The old New Shelter Plan was a contemporary, non-profit exhibition space situated in the old Carlsberg district in Copenhagen. The primary focus was new contemporary art by upcoming as well as established artists working in a wide range of media. The aim was to present exhibitions that we believe challenges the existing Danish art scene.

In our 185m2 unusual exhibition space, we featured solo shows, group shows and collaborative exhibitions as well as shorter events – ‘Shorts’. The program from the beginning to May 2015 was based on open call applications and selected by the advisory board.

New Shelter Plan distinguishes itself from other artist run exhibition spaces in Copenhagen by size and the constellation of an advisory board that curates the program. By the regular advisory board meetings and relatively short exhibition periods New Shelter Plan manifests itself as a vibrant, dynamic and engaging exhibition space able to maintain a flexibility and energy within the program.